Who We Are


FKS Life & Medical Care Inc strives to be at the forefront of the evolving healthcare industry.  We have embraced change.  We are driven to bring strategic solutions to our customers and clients!

Our mission is to promote the “value of health and life” in hopes of prolonging and saving as many lives as possible.  At FKS we take pride in establishing an outstanding team that puts public safety first.  FKS focuses on quality and innovation.  Some of  our products include surgical equipment, interventional pain management, endotrachael intubation, nasogastric tube, and nutritional supplements.  Each is strategically engineered as a solution to take on issues like pain prevention, lack of nutrition, and life threatening scenarios in the operating room. 

The letters FKS originate from the founder and Chairman, Fei-Kai Syu.  She received her Master’s from the world renowned Bloomberg School of Public Health from John Hopkins, and is pursuing her PhD.  She also held the Director of Pharmacy title at Chang Bing Show Chwan Memorial Hospital in Taiwan.  Her passion and dedication to public health is what drove her to create and assemble a team in 2015.

Headquartered in San Diego, California.  The team shares her same values of public safety and health.  FKS currently has subsidiary companies in both Taiwan and China.  These companies include Practical Biotechnology Co. , Kailnvest Medical BioTech Inc., and Johnfk Medical Inc. 

FKS focuses on quality and innovation.  An exceptional international research and development team along with skilled manufacturing technologies have allowed for a number of products to pass United States F.D.A. certification.


FKS LIFE&MEDICAL CARE INC is part of the FKS Medical Group who has branch operation in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and Malaysia. We are passionate about building the best line of products in healthcare and focused on research, development, and innovation with artificial intelligence(AI).

Every product we are building has an extensive experience with all others that we have created. We assure our clients of best quality and complete confidentiality in all products. Together with our clients, FKS’s healthcare challenges into tomorrow’s solutions and makes the world better.

FKS wants to bring value and solutions to people worldwide. 

Help us spread the value of health and life!


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