FKScope enters the next generation of video assisted endotrachael intubation.   At FKS we have engineered a solution for patients that present difficult airways.  We have surrounded ourselves with doctors and experts in the field to create a product that will decrease intubation times, and reduces the amount of trauma.   Every second counts, as it can be a matter of life and death.  With the use of our technical team we have been able to create a product that gives users better visibility and transparency during intubation.

The high definition camera at the end of the stylet offers a clear view during the endotrachael intubation process.  It serves as an additional solution for routine and difficult airway management for both physicians and facilities, giving users reassurance and peace of mind.

We developed a downloadable application, Johnfk Medical Inc., specifically designed for the FKScope.  It allows users to store images and video onto the app that can be later used for lectures, education, and trainings.  The ability to reference intubations post operatively can play a pivotal role in educating students, facilities, staff, EMT, and more.

The FKScope is currently being showcased and sold on DOTmed.

FKScope AI Technology

Why Use the FKScope?

The use of video was added to the ASA Difficult Airway Algorithm as an alternative method when faced with patients that present a difficult airway.

The FKScope is a great addition when creating your difficult airway management processes.

It can be used with or without direct use of layrngoscope blade based on user preference, and severity of the situation at hand.

Portability and battery operated design allows multiple facilities and anesthesiologists to use and operate our device without the purchase of large capital equipment.  Facilities can include: Hospitals, ambulatory centers, surgery centers, obstetrics, ICU, home care, and teaching/educational.


The frozen button gives users the ability to capture and freeze both still images and video recordings.  Pressing the button once can freeze images. Holding the button allows for video recording.


The FKScope have interchangeable stylets, that allow users to switch from the two different diameter sizes.  They come in semi rigid options and they are malleable so that users that manipulate according to their personal preference.

All stylets measure 470 mm in length  and come in two diameter sizes of:

  • 4.3 mm (hard and soft options available)
  • 3.2 mm (hard and soft options available)

LED Light & Camera

High definition camera located on the distal end provides a clear view during intubation

High resolution waterproof camera is equipped with 300,000 mega pixels for optimal clarity. It provides a clear visual during intubation

LED lighting allows for increased visibility and prevents fogging.

There are four adjustable brightness levels which are 100%, 80%, 60%, and off.

FKS Care Inc App Wi-Fi Compatibility


Wi-Fi compatibility allows for images and videos to be viewed on multiple viewing platforms where the Johnfk Medical Inc. application is installed.  Users have the ability to connect to the FKScope’s wifi connection.  The app is specifically designed and engineered for the FKScope.   Simply open the device, to go settings, and the FKScope will have a connection availability.

Easy to use interface allows for live viewing on phones, tablets, monitor, and even Google Glass devices.

Ability to save images and video recordings into the app for case studies, case reviews, training and/or educational purposes.

During emergency intubations the ability to connect without having to plug in, or with the use of  large capital equipment brings tremendous value to users. It increases the time that users have to intubate rather than wasting precious seconds finding outlets to connect to.

Battery or Cord Operated

Operates using one AA battery, or comes with outlet plugin.  User preference.

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FDA Listings
D303136 , CAL, Laryngoscope, Non-Rigid
D302250, BSR, Stylet, tracheal tube

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